Does your landscape need seed or sod?

Many people think sodding is prohibitively expensive compared to seeding, but that is usually not the case. The reason is that before either seed or sod is installed, the same ground preparation has to be done – and the ground prep is often the costliest part of the overall job. So the smaller the area, or the greater the need for the job to be finished quickly, the more sodding becomes the better alternative. Sod will take about 2 weeks of watering heavily once a day to knit with the ground and become self-sustaining, while seed may take 6 weeks of multiple daily light waterings to become a lawn. And if straw over the seed or a second spot seeding to fill in the bare areas has to occur, sodding is likely the way to go.

Even if a large area has to be covered, sometimes sod is a better choice than seed. For instance if a house is new and the ground has yet to be planted but it has been graded by the builder, then sod is a very good choice, even for a large lawn.

So give us a call, you may have a fantastic lawn in an afternoon!

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