Porcelain Landscape Tile

Quinn’s Landscaping & Supply leads the industry with the best selection of manufactured hardscape products which includes an impressive line of premium Porcelain Tile for sale.

Porcelain Landscape Tile is not only beautiful and extremely durable, but comes to Quinn’s from a reliable supplier network which ensures exceptional quality.  Today we are pleased to extend our reputation for uncompromising quality porcelain tile manufactured in USA, and tile imported from Italy.

Porcelain Landscape Tile For Sale Premium quality porcelain landscape tile is not only aesthetically beautiful, but you can be assured that is tough enough for your outdoor environment, withstanding North American typical freeze-thaw cycles. The colorfastness and stain resistant properties of porcelain landscape tile, make it ideal for overlay application on new and existing concrete decks, porches, balconies, and even wood decks.

Reasons to Consider Porcelain Tile for Your Project

  1. Durability: Porcelain Landscape tile is designed to withstand the outdoor elements. With incredible freeze-thaw durability, extremely low water absorption and tremendous resistance to scratches, mold, stains and salt, porcelain tile from Quin’s will help ensure your project stands the test of time.  With a strength of 30,000 psi, a 3/4″ tile that’s 2′ x 2′ can be supported only on the corners and hold up a 250 lb. man.
  2. Design: Our unique line of porcelain tile provides a variety of stone finishes or wood grain textures to create a one-of-a-kind project for any installation.
  3. Installation Ease: Porcelain landscape tile offers three installation solutions depending on the desired destination of the project: pedestal installation, open graded base installation, or traditional thin set adhesive installation. The monolithic, large slab design allows for a quick and easy placement.
  4. Ability to inspect, remove and reuse: When using a dry system installation on gravel or on pedestals, porcelain landscape tiles are easy to inspect and remove without having to use aggressive extraction methods that often lead to breaking or cracking.
  5. Consistent Supply: Quinn’s has secured a supply of porcelain tile from a network of global partners to ensure consistent reserves and availability for our customers.

Call Quinn’s at (703) 730-5296 to discuss all your projects needs and purchase Porcelain Landscape Tile at wholesale rates. Most price points are comparable to a higher end paver and we have options for any budget.  We’ve been performing Hardscape installations in Northern Virginia since 1994 and have an entire team of designers and craftsmen that can help as well.

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