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Low Voltage Lighting will add a dramatic dimension to your landscape. Whether it’s 12 or 24 volt, LED or Halogen, you can choose from a wide variety of designs and fixtures to find the best that fit for your home’s personality. We have partnered with Unique Lighting Systems. Lighting systems not only display your beautiful home and landscaping. Landscape lighting can increase the safety of your home and neighborhood. 

Many different types of lighting systems to create a variety of effects for your home or business. Landscape lighting can create dramatic effects, subtle and elegant looks, or increase visibility and safety of children. Quinn’s Landscaping and Lawn Service is the perfect partner to design and install your landscape lighting solution.


Most Popular Landscape Lighting Types


  • Step Lighting

Designed for safety, step lighting will clearly illuminate the steps designed into your living space. Step lighting provides easy walking paths and directional assistance.

  • Moonlighting

Moonlighting can be used to create the shadowing patterns of a moonlit night. Moonlighting is a subtle and natural effect, often using cool bluish LED lamps to create the look of natural moonlight.

  • Shadowing

Shadowing utilizes the shadow created by a tree or object to enhance a design. The lighting fixture will be placed in front of the tree or feature and create the shadow on the object behind.

  • Submersible

Water features create a vivid design into the landscape. When illuminated properly it will intensify their effect. Using cool white LED lamps causes the water to sparkle and fish are brightly highlighted.

  • Area Lighting

Area lighting is used to enhance flower beds and also safely illuminate pathways. Area lights are often staggered and alternating from one side to another when used on a pathway.

  • Grazing

Grazing lighting is used to highlight and enhance interesting textures and architectural elements. Fixtures are placed less than a foot from the vertical surface and provide vertical illumination.

  • Downlighting

Downlighting is illuminating an object or surface from above. Downlighting can be used to highlight specific garden elements and functional areas. Also used for illuminating large spaces for safety, security or recreational purposes.

  • Uplighting

Architectural and landscape elements become visually dramatic features when illuminated from below. Uplighting is the most common technique  used to accent key focal points and to create shadows on walls.

  • Wall Washing

Wall washing is the effect of illuminating an entire surface evenly to create a beautiful and subtle glow. Illuminating the front face of a home evenly provides an elegant appeal.


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