Hardscapes, Water Features, Lighting, and Other Landscape Designs to Improve Your Property

designPerhaps the best part about being a property owner is the ability to change the design of the home and landscape. Certain additions can provide exceptional resale value and improve your feelings toward your home. Here are a few landscape design projects that can really take your property to the next level.

Hardscaping Projects

  • Outdoor Kitchens — According to Inman, outdoor kitchens can bring return on investments (ROI) of up to 200%. Although these outdoor kitchens are major hardscaping projects, as long as you plan far enough in advance, budget properly, and consult with quality landscaping companies, you will love your new addition.
  • Patios — Having a nice patio can provide a wonderful spot for relaxation after a hard week or work. Not only will your home be worth more after a patio, you’ll have a great place to sit and relax whenever you want.
  • Stone Walkways — Imagine how much more beautiful your property will be once you have a nice stone walkway on your lawn. Whether it’s from the front yard up to the doorway or the side of the house to your new patio, stone walkways will make you feel like you are living in your dream home.

Water Features

Water additions on your property can bring you a significant value uptick as well as the ability to relax and appreciate your landscape more than you could’ve ever imagined. Whether you want intricate, large water designs or small, simple water-based projects, adding these features to your property can take your home to the next level.

Landscape Lighting

  • Step Lighting — This form of lighting will provide illumination to the steps spread across your living space. Step lighting provides beautiful and well-lit walking paths across your property.
  • Shadowing — This method of landscape lighting uses the shadow of physical structures to enhance the look of your space. The lighting fixture is placed in front of a certain feature and creates a nice looking shadow on the object behind.
  • Moonlighting — This lighting strategy uses a natural effect to emulate real moonlight. Cool blue LED lamps are often used to create the natural moonlight feel.

If you want to learn about these landscaping projects and much more, contact Quinn’s Landscaping and Lawn Service today.

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