Does Quinn’s charge for estimates?

We rarely charge for estimates or for the consultations needed during the landscape design. However we do charge for the landscape plans.

How much does Quinn’s charge for landscape plans?

Plans take a significant amount of time, knowledge and experience to produce.  The cost of a plan is based on the scope of the work, but a minimum charge is $400.

Are landscape plans always needed for a project?

No. Many jobs are small enough that either a hand drawn plan, or just a discussion of the work with the client will suffice.

Does Quinn’s bag grass clippings after mowing?

We almost never bag grass clippings after a mowing.  Our mowers are equipped with mulching blades, and with regular mowing you don’t need to bag the grass.  Additionally, the clippings act as a natural fertilizer for your yard.  However, after mowing, trimming and edging, we use blowers to remove the clippings from walkways, driveways and decks, so the property is always left clean.

Where does Quinn’s mow?

We provide mowing service to most of Prince William County.  Our typical area of service ranges from the Opitz Boulevard area in the southern part of the county to Logmill Road in the northern part of the county.

Why does Bill Quinn like such horrible word play?

He’s his father’s pun.

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