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3 Hardscapes That Will Greatly Improve Your Property

hardscapesAs a homeowner, it’s important to focus on the landscaping of your property by keeping the entire area properly maintained and adding new additions that could increase the property value. Improving your landscaping can include anything from cultivating a garden to planting a few new trees, but adding a few hardscapes to your property is an even better way to improve its look and feel.

Here are a few hardscapes that you could have built or installed on your property that will increase the overall value of your home and your enjoyment of your yard.

Stone Walkways
No matter where you have a stone walkway put down on your lawn, as soon as it’s complete, your property value will undoubtedly skyrocket because it looks so nice. Imagine the look on your neighbors’ faces as they pass your home every day, staring out at the beautiful stone walkway that leads to another part of your property that might make them even more jealous, like a patio or gazebo.

A nice stone walkway spread across your landscape leading to a lovely patio? Is there anything that you could add to your property that screams “Dream Home” more? According to the Gallop Organization, patios actually have a perceived increase value of up to 12%. The best part about being a property owner is that you never have to settle for what you currently have. You might love your backyard, but if you think it would really come together with a well-designed patio — go for it! There is no better way to relax on a warm summer night than by spending it on your backyard patio, unless, of course, you consider having a cozy fireplace and a grill on that patio.

Fireplace and Grills
Having a large stone fireplace and grill area installed on your freshly paved patio can really bring your backyard together. On the off chance that you want to sell your home, you will see your property value significantly increase after installing the walkway, patio, and new fireplace. If you don’t sell and you just enjoy seeing how much your home would be worth, you’ll also enjoy the added benefit of relaxing in your improved yard with all the great new additions.

So fire up your new grill, light a nice fire, and revel as your guests walk up your new stone walkway. Contact Quinn’s Landscaping and Lawn Service today if you are thinking about adding any beautiful hardscapes to your property.

Outdoor Landscape & Hardscape Design Ideas

A new outdoor space is a large investment that will be a permanent part of your home, so it’s important to think carefully about the outdoor landscape and hardscape design choices you make. However, getting the “creative juices” flowing can be tough for some of us. Here are some tips and recommendations to help you along this process. 

What are your goals for the landscape or hardscape project?

Knowing what you are trying to achieve can be really helpful in narrowing down the many design options that are available. For instance, are you looking for a place to grill and entertain guests outside or are you just looking for a place for your family to relax during the afternoon? Does this space compliment a pool or existing features or are you starting from scratch?

outdoor landscape and hardscape design companies

See, touch and feel each product

Consider which texture and designs might be the best fit for the type of project you’re planning. If you will be walking you don’t want anything to slick or too rough if you could be barefoot.

Ask for samples

Most landscape and hardscaping companies will provide samples for you to bring home to try next to your existing landscape.

Consider your project size and space

Choose a pattern that works relative to the size and space of your project. Generally, smaller landscaping pavers work well in smaller spaces while larger pavers work well in larger spaces. So if you’re working with a smaller space you may consider a pattern that utilizes smaller stones so the design isn’t overpowering. For a random feel, look for a pattern that utilizes three or more sizes of paver; for a more uniform appeal, choose a pattern that uses just one or two sizes. 

Consider patio borders and other features

Patio Designs Northern VAA border adds unique flare to your design and can help define different areas in an outdoor living room or the edge of a pool deck. Consider the borders you have planned for your outdoor landscape and hardscape design when choosing a laying pattern as some patterns work more easily with borders than others.  Around a fire pit or water feature you might consider a curved or circular pattern.

Add an accent or border

Think one color is boring? Add a border, accent or inlay in your design with a different color to create a subtle variation that is appealing to the eye. By using the same accent in your walls, pillars or planters you will create a cohesive look and feel, and make your project feel special. 


Consider the specific application

Outdoor Backyard Design Ideas Northern VAAre you paving a pool deck? Or adding an extension to your existing patio? Perhaps you’re connecting your driveway to your backyard retreat with a walkway. Each application might be best suited for a different color. For a pool deck, we recommend light colors that are cooler on the feet, while a driveway might be better suited for a darker shade.   If you’re adding onto an existing patio you might decide to complement the color rather than try to match it exactly.

Find your backyard landscape inspiration

Visit Quinn’s showroom in Manassas, VA to see and touch the products for your outdoor landscape and hardscape design project. This can help you appreciate how the color swatches you see in a catalog look in real life applications. Or take drive through a neighborhood and take note of the colors and patterns you see in stone hardscapes, landscapes and water features. You may even find inspiration in the exterior brick of your home, other elements of your landscape or a door color. You can compare colors, textures, styles and designs to help determine what best fits your home and you’ll discover products and combinations you never thought of. Whether you live in Fairfax, VA, Great Falls or Ashburn our Manassas showroom is only a quick and easy drive away. 

Wholesale Paver and Stone Suppliers in Northern VA

Quinn’s Landscaping & Lawn Service is proud to be an authorized dealer for Unilock; a manufacturer of high quality concrete pavers, wall systems and other masonry products.

Founded by Ed Bryant in 1972 as the first North American company to manufacture concrete pavers, Unilock Select pavers lead the industry with proprietary technologies, ensuring that your paver and wall projects will provide many years of enjoyment.  Unilock provides a transferable lifetime guarantee on the structural integrity of their paving stones, slabs and retaining wall units. Their world class production facilities are renowned for their safety and cleanliness and are staffed with the most experienced production people in the industry.

Whether you are a local Landscaping company looking for hardscaping materials or a General Contractor needing stone, Quinn’s has everything you need for the job.  Stop by our office to see our outdoor display and samples.

Winter Landscaping

Ok so December’s here, and if you want something ready to go in the spring, contact us now to get your project started! We can build patios, walls, driveways, water features, during the winter. As a matter of fact, most of what we install can be done during any month of the year – so please call us now and take advantage of the lower prices and our short backlog of work.

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