3 Hardscapes That Will Greatly Improve Your Property

hardscapesAs a homeowner, it’s important to focus on the landscaping of your property by keeping the entire area properly maintained and adding new additions that could increase the property value. Improving your landscaping can include anything from cultivating a garden to planting a few new trees, but adding a few hardscapes to your property is an even better way to improve its look and feel.

Here are a few hardscapes that you could have built or installed on your property that will increase the overall value of your home and your enjoyment of your yard.

Stone Walkways
No matter where you have a stone walkway put down on your lawn, as soon as it’s complete, your property value will undoubtedly skyrocket because it looks so nice. Imagine the look on your neighbors’ faces as they pass your home every day, staring out at the beautiful stone walkway that leads to another part of your property that might make them even more jealous, like a patio or gazebo.

A nice stone walkway spread across your landscape leading to a lovely patio? Is there anything that you could add to your property that screams “Dream Home” more? According to the Gallop Organization, patios actually have a perceived increase value of up to 12%. The best part about being a property owner is that you never have to settle for what you currently have. You might love your backyard, but if you think it would really come together with a well-designed patio — go for it! There is no better way to relax on a warm summer night than by spending it on your backyard patio, unless, of course, you consider having a cozy fireplace and a grill on that patio.

Fireplace and Grills
Having a large stone fireplace and grill area installed on your freshly paved patio can really bring your backyard together. On the off chance that you want to sell your home, you will see your property value significantly increase after installing the walkway, patio, and new fireplace. If you don’t sell and you just enjoy seeing how much your home would be worth, you’ll also enjoy the added benefit of relaxing in your improved yard with all the great new additions.

So fire up your new grill, light a nice fire, and revel as your guests walk up your new stone walkway. Contact Quinn’s Landscaping and Lawn Service today if you are thinking about adding any beautiful hardscapes to your property.

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